Traveling to The World’s End

Today was a travel day, spent covering thousands of miles in two planes, two trains, two buses, a car and almost 10,000 steps. In some respects, it felt like we were traveling to the end of the world—which, in a manner of speaking, we did (as you’ll see).

There’s not a lot of storytelling material to be gleaned from a day spent largely squished into coach-class airplane seats, watching trashy TV and reading forgettable novels. But as I write this at 10:30 PM local Edinburgh time (having left home at 4:30 PM local Denver time yesterday), the deserved subject of this post is clear to me: Molly, the star of the day.

We spent countless hours in airplanes, walked endless maze-like concourses at Heathrow in London (only to face a delay of our connecting flight), and then had to take a bus-train combo to get from Glasgow to Edinburgh. All this after getting scant hours of sleep on the plane and going through a seven-hour time change.

Such travels would try the patience of most adults, not to mention a six-year-old child. So we expected meltdowns, tantrums and general difficult behavior. But Molly was a champ, hardly fussing at all and simply having a great time, even as we kept her up past 10 PM in Edinburgh, having a late dinner at an appropriately named pub on the Royal Mile called The World’s End.

View of The World’s End pub from our Airbnb’s rooftop patio

Cassie also deserves a shout-out, helping to keep Molly on track as I navigated us (not to mention being a pillow for Molly on the plane).

Now we’re all off to bed, so we can begin our trip in earnest tomorrow at Edinburgh Castle!


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