On the Hunt for Nessie

We’ve had a pretty full week so far. That, combined with the blackout shades in our Airbnb flat, led to us sleeping in till 9:00. Which was just as well; we all needed the rest. And we planned a somewhat light day as well: following in well-trodden footsteps to Loch Ness, and nothing else.

I originally planned an itinerary that would take us on a full circumnavigation of the lake, with a lunch stop in Fort Augustus (where Loch Ness connects via a series of locks to other lochs, and eventually the Irish Sea). But we figured a lake is a lake, and driving around the entire thing would just show us the same view for several hours. Instead, we headed straight for Urquhart Castle, the most picturesque spot on the lake.

“Picturesque,” in this case, does not mean “intact.” Urquhart is by far the most ruined of the castles we’ve seen so far, but in my opinion, that only added to its charm. Though, let’s be honest, in this kind of a setting, it’s easy to make a pile of rocks look charming.

When we first started talking to Molly about this trip, the mention of the “Loch Ness Monster” scared her. But after reading and talking about Nessie, she’s become more and more excited about today’s visit. (Grammy’s hand-knit Nessie stuffie before we left was also a big hit.) I foolishly left the binoculars in the apartment, but she settled with Cassie’s camera, taking about 100 photos in her search for the elusive beast.

We finally managed to get a couple of family portraits today too.

And just for some extra color and variety, here are a couple of photos of Inverness and Nairn.

Quick shot as we passed through; that’s Inverness Castle in the background.

The coastal town of Nairn, looking back from the beach, not far from our apartment.

Bonus: Here’s what my blogging setup looked like tonight (don’t get the wrong idea; up till tonight, I’ve been doing it unglamorously from bed).


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