O’er the Sea to Skye

Today was a travel day—from northeast Scotland to the islands in the west—so one might expect to have little to report. But that’s certainly not the case; the bit of the Isle of Skye that we’ve seen suggests great things are in store for us tomorrow.

Just before we crossed o’er the sea to Skye like Bonnie Prince Charlie, we came upon Eilean Donan. It comes as no surprise that it’s the most photographed castle in Scotland.

We have a lot to see in Skye during our short stay and we had some extra time this afternoon, so we headed for the Fairy Pools to check that place off our list. We expected a nice hike with some fun pools along the way, but did not expect the jaw-dropping scenery surrounding the trail. It was truly epic. And the little pools and falls hidden away in nooks and crannies were magical indeed.


There’s a wee bit o’ faerie magic in each bottle of single malt, so it’s perhaps intentional that Talisker is located mere miles from the Fairy Pools. We got there just ten minutes before they closed, so I had barely enough time for a selfie and a quick purchase of a bottle sold only at the distillery (Jason B, if you’re reading this, plan to come over soon).

We’re settled in Portree for the next two nights; it’s a gorgeous little harbor town that, to me anyway, is a bit reminiscent of Avalon on Catalina Island (but without all the kitsch).

The WiFi is slow and spotty on this remote island, so I’m quitting while I’m ahead. More tomorrow!


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