Island Travel Day

Today was an inter-island travel day from the Isle of Skye to the Isle of Mull, with much of it spent in the car, so we don’t have a lot to report. But I wouldn’t dare call it boring—this is Scotland, so there’s always something beautiful to see. Case in point:

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll recognize this location:

That’s right, it’s the Glenfinnan Viaduct, instantly recognizable even without Harry and Ron careening above it in a flying car.

I wonder if they allow hippie children at Hogwarts.

Our journey included two ferry trips, which helped break up the car ride and make things more fun and interesting.

Even the drive itself was exciting (if a bit nerve-wracking), with much of it spent on single-track roads off the beaten path, mostly driven by locals who don’t care to slow down much on roads with lots of blind curves. Here’s a close encounter with a different kind of local:

We’re now settled into our Airbnb in Tobermory, an unbelievably charming harbor town (way more so than Portree on Skye). We can’t wait to explore it!

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