Skye’s the Limit

Between the magical Fairy Pools yesterday and the sights we saw today, Skye definitely lived up to the hype. The scenery rivaled what we saw in Iceland two years ago.

First, the fairy theme continued with a visit to the Fairy Glen. The morning mist worked to great effect to enhance the beauty and mystery.

Our self-guided tour around the Trotternish Peninsula—and elsewhere across Scotland—has taken us on a number of single-track roads, narrow lanes wide enough for only one car. They have regular “passing places” (turnouts where cars coming in opposite directions can pass one another), but it can still be tricky—and the large number of wandering sheep, and the fog we had today, don’t make it any easier.

When we arrived at the top of the peninsula to see the Quiraing, a dramatic series of cliffs and crags, we expected to see just the inside of a cloud (as you can see in the above video). We were optimistic, however, and hiked out a bit to see if our luck would change. Sure enough, the sun broke through, and the short hike and accompanying views turned out to be the highlight of the day.

The clouds poured over the cliffs like waves.

Back down to the coast, we saw more famous Skye sights like Kilt Rock, Mealt Falls and the Old Man of Storr.

Sheep cover the hills of Skye, and it appears to be lamb season, because they’re everywhere too. And they’re too cute not to share.

Lastly, we passed a brewery, so of course I stopped in to visit. They were pouring samples, but when I asked, the server said it was for a private group only. I am just not having luck in the sampling department. I guess they just don’t do samples at breweries and distilleries like they do back home.

Both time and WiFi are limited, so we’re off to the Isle of Mull! Puffins and castles in our near future….


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