Winding Down

We said goodbye to Glengorm Castle almost as fast as we said hello to it, but not before a big breakfast Downton Abbey style in the grand dining room—at a table allegedly older than the castle itself. One of the castle dogs was friendly (and expectant).

Today mostly consisted of traveling from the Isle of Mull to Glasgow. But what the day lacked in activity, it made up with scenery. First was a ferry ride through the islands to Oban (with a brief stop to look at Duart Castle on Mull).

Duart Castle, ancestral home of Clan Maclean

This ferry opened up its entire bow to eat cars

Epic, wide-open scenery that photos can’t capture

A small portion of the Oban waterfront

An obvious and required stop

On the road to Glasgow, another castle beckoned: Castle Stalker. The Monty Python fans among you will recognize this one from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the elusive home of the Grail itself: Castle Aaaaaaaaaargh.

The rest of the journey to Glasgow was heart-stoppingly beautiful. First, we drove through Glencoe, an area of stark, steep mountains criss-crossed with trails: a backpacker’s delight. We came upon many Glencoe recommendations during our trip research, but had too many other places we wanted to visit. Seeing it in person today will keep Scotland on our bucket list for a return visit. (Sorry, no photos!)

Next, we passed through Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park. As in Glencoe, we only passed through quickly, without stopping to see more, but it was clear why Loch Lomond is Scotland’s other famous loch.

Finally making it to Glasgow, I was only too ready to surrender our rental car. After 800 miles of driving on the “wrong” side (much of it on single-track roads), I’d had enough. We had only enough time to seek out dinner, but I snapped a few photos as we walked. Tomorrow, we have a full day (our last) to explore the city.


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